Some of the course materials I created as a Sessional Lecturer at the University of Alberta

Screen with graphs

STA 213 Statistical Methods:
Applications for Biology, Chemistry and Environmental Science

Course syllabus I created for an undergrad statistics course.


Bivariate Statistics Final Exam

Final exam for the Statistical Methods course (STA 213).

World map

BIO-GEO 351 Lab Manual

Lab manual I created for an undergrad course in Biogeography.

Some of my Slide Decks

Introduction to biogeography

Introduction to Biogeography

The meaning & value of biodiversity

The Meaning & Value of Biodiversity

Cities as Ecosystems

City skyline


zGlobal populations - patterns and distribution

Global Population - Patterns & Distribution

Global Population 2 - Dynamics & Future cover image

Global Population - Dynamics & Future

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