Environmental Science

These are environmental science projects I have completed

Lynwood Ravine Environmental

Screening Report

Commissioned by the City of Edmonton as part of the process to re-design the storm water drainage system after a 1 in 200 year thunderstorm turned a shallow grassy ravine in a residential into a raging torrent with 1.5 metre high accumulations of hail.

Morrin Bridge Environmental

Screening Report

An environmental screening report about the area around the Morrin Bridge, which spans the Red Deer River in central Alberta.

Rare and Endangered Plants

of the XX FMA

A survey resport about the vegetation ecosites in a forest management area and the rare and endangered plant species within those ecosites.

Wildlife Overview Study of the Meadows Transit Centre Site

An environmental review of the Aspen Parkland habitats and wildlife on the site for a proposed transit station.

Argyll Velodrome Upgrading

Environmental Screening Report

An environmental assessment of the effects of removal of an existing outdoor velodrome and its replacement with a large multi-use recreation centre.