This is a selection of accomplishments I’ve had over a 30 year career which has had five distinct phases:

  • Wildlife Biologist
  • Environmental Scientist
  • University Teacher
  • Municipal Planner and Development Officer
  • Web Designer and Writer


These are environmental impact projects I produced.

Lynwood Ravine Environmental Screening Report

Commissioned by the City of Edmonton as part of the process to re-design the storm water drainage system after a 1 in 200 year thunderstorm turned a shallow grassy ravine in a residential into a raging torrent with 1.5 metre high banks of hail.

Morrin Bridge Environmental Screening Report

Commissioned by Alberta Transportation as part of the  federal ESA requirements to replace an aging bridge over the Red Deer River, in central Alberta.

Rare and Endangered Plants of the XX Forest Management Area

A report about the rare plant resources of an (unnamed) forest management area, part of the requirements for that forestry company to obtain a timber harvesting license. (I can publish the report here, but only as a redacted report).

Wildlife Overview Study – Meadows Transit Centre

A report about the wildlife community in an area on the outskirts of south-east Edmonton, Alberta. This was a provincial requirement prior to the development of the land parcel as a transit centre.


I was a Sessional Lecturer at the University of Alberta.

Overview of Climate Change

This is a powerpoint presentation I used for a second year course in environmnetal studies; a brief overview of the causes of global climate change.

Biogeography Lab Manual

This is a manual I wrote for the lab portion of a third year undergraduate course in Biogeography.

Statistics Final Exam

This is the final exam I put together for a course I taught in biostatistics (parametric bivariate statistics).


These are a few of the scientific papers I’ve written or research projects I’ve been involved with.

The Importance of Paradigms in Scientific Research

A graduate research paper I wrote regarding the MacArthur Paradigm and its usage in advancing research in the field of community ecology.

The Selection of Snowpatches as Relief Habitat by Woodland Caribou in MacMillan Pass, NWT

I was a field researcher on this Woodland Caribou study.

Sex and Age-Related Wing Size Dimorphism in Monogamous North American Passerines

This is a research paper I wrote as a graduate student in the Dept. of Biology at Trent University (Peterborough, Ontario).

Canadian Wildlife Service Progress Note No. 194

Migratory game birds harvested in Canada during the 1989 hunting season.

Canadian Wildlife Service Progress Note No. 197

Migratory game birds harvested in Canada during the 1990 hunting season.

Canadian Wildlife Service Progress Note No. 204

Migratory game birds harvested in Canada during the 1991 hunting season.


I designed, wrote and edited the Bird Atlas Gazette, an  occasional publication of the Alberta Breeding Bird Atlas project.

The Bird Atlas Gazette No. 1 – April 2002

The Bird Atlas Gazette No. 2 – February 2003

The Bird Atlas Gazette No. 3 – July 2003

The Bird Atlas Gazette No. 4 – March 2004

The Bird Atlas Gazette No. 5 – July 2004


I was a Municipal Planner and Development Officer.

Land Use Bylaw Enforcement (Stop Order) Procedures

This is an example of the reports I presented to the Municipality of Leduc County council. Most of the reports dealt with proposed developments and Land Use Bylaw amendments.

Deveolopment Permit Application

I designed this development permit application form for use in all proposed commercial and industrial developments in the town of Fox Creek, Alberta.

Subdivision and Development Appeal Board

This is a copy of a report I presented to an SDAB Hearing as the Development Authority representative of the municipality of Leduc County, Alberta.

Land Use Bylaw Stop Order

I wrote this Stop Order under my authority as the Development Officer for an instance where the developer was altering the land parcel in such a way as to increase flooding of adjacent properties.


These are some of the many thousands of photographs I’ve taken over the past twenty-plus years.
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