I wish I were a cow so free,

to roam those green pastures endlessly,

to live my own simple philosophy,

to decide my own quiet destiny.


I’m tired of being just one of the herd,

of living in a style so comic and absurd,

life in the wire can no longer be endured,

I yearn for that freedom, to soar like a bird.


I’ll escape the confines of this rusty barbed wire,

and the steely-eyed gaze of the beef cattle buyer,

the searing white heat of the branding fire,

the barnyard stench of mud and mire.


I won’t let them push me towards that steel cattle car,

I’ll get away from the herd, I’ll travel afar,

to a land where barbed wire has not yet left its scar,

this is my passion in life, I must follow my star.


I’ll sneak through the gate in the dead of night,

lying low in the grass as the dawn turns to light,

then running long and hard till I’m far from sight,

my sides sweating hot from the stress and fright.


To a wondrous land of lakes and trees,

with limitless horizons of grassy seas,

the chance to be happy, the chance to be free,

for that one brave cow with the courage to flee.


To the endless days of carefree bliss,

is the greatest reward which my soul can kiss,

for a simple cow whose greatest wish,

is to avoid the kitchens of the rich.


Now I stand and stare at the beckoning hills,

the free-flowing water of streams and rills,

past the manicured fields where the old farmer tills,

past the mundane farm where monotony kills.


Perhaps tonight I’ll make the big break,

storm my way past the hated cattle gate.

I’ll stampede the others, our freedom we’ll take,

else all that’ll remain is a medium-rare steak.