1991          Master of Science (Watershed Ecology)

Trent University

 March 1989: awarded a Northern Science Training Grant



1986          Bachelor of Science (Geography)

University of Alberta

Major – Biogeography   Minor – Zoology

May 1984: awarded an NSERC Undergraduate Summer Research Award





Employment History


Municipal Development Officer (September 2014 to September 2015)

Town of Fox Creek, Alberta

Development Office and Planner for the town of Fox Creek, responsible for:

  • Review and issuance of development permits and subdivision applications.
  • Preparation and presentation of council reports for land use bylaw amendments, direct control permit applications, and policy text amendments.
  • Representing the Town at Subdivision and Development Appeal Board hearings.
  • Enforcement of the land use bylaw and the Alberta Municipal Government Act.



Eridani Digital (December 2013 to September 2014)

Web Designer and Writer

  • Design and production of high quality, content rich websites devoted to environmental and human societal themes.
  • Publication of eBooks and website-related digital materials.


Municipal Planner & Development Officer (April 2010 to October 2013)

Leduc County

Leduc, AB

County Municipal Planner responsible for:

  • Review of Area Structure Plans and associated planning documents.
  • Review and issuance of development permits.
  • Preparation and presentation of Council Reports for Land Use Bylaw Amendments, Direct Control permit applications, and Policy Text Amendments.
  • Representing the County at Subdivision and Development Appeal Board hearings.
  • Enforcement of the Land Use Bylaw and Alberta Municipal Government Act.
  • Coordination of project permitting with Alberta Safety Codes inspectors.


Municipal Development Officer (2009 – January 2010)

County of Wetaskiwin

Wetaskiwin, AB

As the County Development Officer, I was responsible for overseeing the provision of expert advice and services for individuals and organizations seeking to develop lands with the county. Duties included:

  • Ensuring that development activities adhered to applicable provincial and municipal legislation.
  • Supervising the production of area structure plans and statutory documents for residential and commercial developments.
  • Administering land subdivision and re-zoning processes so that they were done according to County policy and provincial legislation.
  • Presenting information and expert advice to the County Council for Planning and Economic Development, and the Subdivision Development and Appeal Board.


Freelance Writer (2006-2008)

I was a freelance writer and web designer, preparing articles and editing manuscripts for on-line publications and websites. I also did graphic design, search engine optimization and hypertext markup language programming for various websites.


University of Alberta (2001-2005)

Faculty Lecturer

The following are courses I taught as a Faculty Lecturer:

Department of Earth & Atmospheric Sciences

  • EAS 290 – Human Impacts on the Environment
  • EAS 291 – Human Use of Resources
  • EAS 293 – Urban Environments
  • EAS 294 – Natural Resources and the Environment
  • EAS 392 – Research Methods in Human Geography
  • EAS 394 – Issues in Human Geography
  • EAS 493 – Human Dimensions of Global Change

Department of Science, Augustana Faculty

  • GEO/ENV 120 – Human Activities in the Natural Environment
  • GEO 230 – Geomorphology
  • GEO 231 – Climatology
  • BIO 351 – Biogeography
  • STA 213 – Statistical Methods: Applications for Biology and Environmental Science


Athene Environmental (Summer 2003)

High River, Alberta

Field Researcher

Environmental monitoring (for the Government of Saskatchewan) of a seismic exploration project.

Burrowing Owl population surveys (for the Alberta Conservation Association).


Geographic Dynamics Corp. (1998 – 2000)

Edmonton, Alberta

Plant Ecologist

  • Management and supervision of Environmental Impact Assessments for a wide variety of engineering and transportation projects.
  • Writing and editing technical environmental screening documents.
  • Management and supervision of projects such as ecosite mapping, vegetation and rare plant surveys, and literature reviews.
  • Landscape and ecosite analysis
  • Data analysis using statistical and spatial analysis programs.


Environment Canada (Winter 1997)

Hinton, Alberta

Field Researcher

  • Barred Owl population surveys.
  • Northern Goshawk habitat evaluations.


Borealis Environmental Consulting (1996 – 1998)

Wetaskiwin, Alberta

Self-employed Environmental Consultant, specializing in:

  • Biophysical inventory and analysis.
  • Environmental impact assessment.
  • Resource assessment and management.
  • Wildlife and habitat surveys.
  • Technical writing/editing.


Alberta Environmental Protection (1996)

Resource Data Division

Edmonton, Alberta

Science Officer I

  • Biophysical inventory projects, such as the Hand Hills Ecological  Reserve Biophysical Inventory.
  • Resource assessments: air photo interpretation, field work, data analysis and report production.


Geowest Environmental Consultants Ltd. (1995)

Edmonton, Alberta


  • Field work and map work on terrain analysis projects for proposed logging areas in British Columbia.
  • Vegetation surveys for biophysical inventories.


Petawawa National Forestry Institute (1993)

Forestry Canada

Petawawa, Ontario

Research Contractor

I did forest inventory mapping and vegetation surveys throughout northern Ontario. This was part of a study examining the wildlife communities in old-growth White Pine forests for integration into a forest-wildlife management program.


Canadian Wildlife Service (1993)

Migratory Birds Conservation Division

Environment Canada

Nepean, Ontario

Wildlife Technician

  • Analyzed waterfowl survey data.
  • Dissection and laboratory analysis of different waterfowl species for feeding studies and toxicological assays.


Canadian Wildlife Service (1990-1992)

Migratory Bird Populations Division

National Wildlife Research Centre

Hull, Quebec

Harvest Surveys Biologist

I was the biologist in charge of the National Harvest Survey, a program which monitors the annual harvest of migratory game birds in Canada. My duties included:

  • Maintaining the scientific integrity of the survey.
  • Managing the budgets and complex time-tables for the different sections of the survey program.
  • Supervising the work of government contractors and private companies.
  • Coordinating related work done by regional biologists across the country.
  • Supervising data analysis for the 1990 Newfoundland Murre Hunt.
  • Working with the U.S Fish and Wildlife Service to coordinate closer ties between their Harvest Survey program and that of the Canadian Wildlife Service.


Graduate Research (1989)

Mackenzie Delta

Northwest Territories

Graduate student

I completed the field work for my graduate thesis. Although my thesis examined the behaviour patterns of arctic passerines, additional studies were done on:

  • Habitat use by the passerine community of a Black Spruce forest.
  • Foraging preferences of a subarctic passerine community.


Trent University (1989 – 1990)

Department of Biology

Peterborough, Ontario

Teaching Assistant

I taught seminars and laboratory sessions for the following undergraduate courses:

  • Introductory Biology.
  • Principles of Ecology.
  • Environmental Resource Science.


Alberta Forest, Lands and Wildlife (1988)

Resource Evaluation and Planning

Edmonton, Alberta

Technician II

I worked on the Ecological Reserves Inventory Program. As part of the integrated resource planning process, my duties included:

  • Ecological and geomorphic field work.
  • Soil survey of the Waldren Ranch.
  • Air photo interpretation and map production.
  • Literature reviews.


Canadian Wildlife Service (1987)

Migratory Birds Management

Edmonton, Alberta

Wildlife Technician

  • Statistical analysis of waterfowl data from the May air/ground surveys.
  • Performed literature searches for waterfowl population studies.


Alberta Forest, Lands and Wildlife (1986 – 1987)

Resource Evaluation and Planning

Edmonton, Alberta

Forestry Technician

  • Field work, air photo interpretation, literature reviews and data analysis on biophysical resource inventories for the Ecological Reserves program.
  • Soil surveys field surveys for grazing reserves.
  • Compiled and analyzed wildlife inventory data.


During the following period (1983-1985), I worked for G. Peter Kershaw, a professor in the Department of Geography at the University of Alberta. I was a field research assistant on a number of environmental studies in remote regions of the Canadian north:

Ft. Norman, N.W.T. (Summer 1985)

  • SEEDS project (Studies of the Environmental Effects of Disturbances in the Subarctic).
  • Field research work on the environmental impacts of forest clearing and pipeline construction in subarctic Black Spruce forests.
  • Small mammal and passerine surveys.

Dempster Highway, Yukon (Summer 1984)

  • I worked on an environmental impact assessment of borrow pits on arctic ecosystems. This involved activities such as stratified vegetation sampling, soil pit descriptions and topographical surveys.

Macmillan Pass, Yukon-N.W.T. border (Summer 1984)

I assisted on a project studying the use of snow patches as relief habitat for Woodland Caribou:

  • Local surveys to determine caribou population levels.
  • Recorded caribou behaviour.
  • Installed and maintained insect traps and microclimatic monitoring stations.

Mackenzie Mountains, N.W.T. (Summer 1983)

I participated in a project studying the environmental impact of the CANOL pipeline road in the subarctic forest ecosystem. The work included:

  • Detailed stratified vegetation surveys.
  • Soil profile descriptions.
  • Shrub and tree growth analysis.
  • Bird population surveys.


Alberta Recreation and Parks (Summer 1981, 1982)

Resource Planning

Edmonton, Alberta

Forestry Technician

I worked on biophysical resource inventories of existing and proposed parks in central and northern Alberta. This involved:

  • Air photo interpretation.
  • Field work of biological and geomorphic features.
  • Writing and editing of documents for regional integrated resource plans.