Every website put up on the internet must have at least one page of limericks. It’s the rule. And limericks that don’t suck. Or at least, not too much.


If you were taking a shower one night

And the power was cut from your light

What else could you do

But flee from the loo

Now wouldn’t that be an interesting sight?


If a crow addressed you by name

You’d think you’d gone madly insane.

But if it were true

And he were talking to you

Would you play along with his little game?


When a rumour is ripe and floating

Amongst people who add to its bloating

It’s held close and dear

Passed from mouth to ear

With only it’s author left gloating.


Please tell us all your great sins

Those the devil would add to his wins

But do so with great haste

There is no time to waste

For your descent into hell now begins.


The hair on his neck did rise

“I’m being watched” was his quick surmise

He lowered his book

Swung around for a look

And met the gaze of a kitty’s green eyes.


Our parents were fussy and fickle

With money that clinked and crinkled

They stored cash away

Awaiting the day

When they were old and tired and wrinkled.